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Recommendation for my daughter`s cough



My daughter is 5 yrs old. The only problem that she has is that she is prone to get cold. It happens throughout the year but is more during the winter. It starts with sneezing and running nose. Then she starts coughing. Generally the physician advise to give Ascoril syrup with Phenargon. The coughing is not specific to any part of the day. But when the coughing doesn`t stops even after 2 weeks, the physician prescribes Ventorlin and Budecort inhaler. As of today he has advised to continue it for a month. Is that a correct diagnosis? The physician tells that my daughter has got Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. How the self immunity is going to build? neither in my family nor in my spouse family, anybody has got asthma. What could be the preventive measure?

Thanks you in advance.


Just on the basis of the history of her problem it is not possible to give a definite diagnosis. The fact that it happens often and is persistent suggests that there may be an underlying cause(perhaps allergy or asthma). This is also suggested by her treatment with topical steroids and a bronchodilator. At this point you need to seek consultation with an allergist.

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