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Parkinson's Disease

Falling out of bed



I am 57 years old and I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson`s 20 years ago. I mix and drink my Sinemet every hour. It works great fo me. I am also taking Mirapex and added Azelect about 2 years ago. Ever scince I start the Azelect I have been talking and screaming out in my sleep. About two weeks ago, I was dreaming and fell out of bed. I had just one little gash on my fore head. Last night, again, I was dreaming and fell out of bed again. This time my husband was out of town and I banged my head in two places and my hip is brused and swollen. Is this due to the Azelect?


People with Parkinson's disease can sometimes have sleep disturbances as well. REM behavioral sleep disturbance is one in particular that is described with vivid dreaming, thrashing, kicking, and yelling while asleep. Sometime this can be worsened by medications, and one way to find out is by stopping the suspected medication to see if it improves. This type of sleep disorder can also be treated with medications. I strongly suggest you discuss this further with your doctor before making any changes to your medications.

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