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Iron level



I just had a blood workup 3 weeks ago and was told I was anemic, to see my family dr. So I seen my dr. who just ran another round of blood work and now I am being told I have a very high level of iron in my blood. How can this be? I have always been an anemic. But for the last 2 months my left leg from the knee down hurts, aches, draws so bad that i can not sit without moving my leg constantly, then about 2 weeks ago I started being sick to my stomach and lots of pain in my stomach, I throw up everytime I try to eat. I am just sick. Please is all this related some how to the high iron level.


All the symptoms you describe are certainly real symptoms, but they are not related to iron overload, so we cannot invoke hemochromatosis as an explanation. Please discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
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College of Medicine
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