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Exercises for surgery to fix broken ulna



12 days ago I had surgery to fix the broken ulna on my left hand. My stitches have been removed and I am wearing a wrist splint. My surgeon instructed me to remove my wrist splint while watching TV, hold my left elbow with my right hand, and attempt to turn my left hand back and forth to regain the range of motion. While I make some progress during the day, when I awake in the morning, I seem to have taken a step backward. Is this normal? Are there any other exercises I could do. How long will it take to regain full use of my arm and hand.


Yes, this is normal.  The bone is not fully healed and so movement outside of the splint needs to be limited.  As the bones heal more, your doctor will instruct you in more exercises or send you to physical therapy.  Most people will gain full use of their arm and hand.

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Tammy S Wadsworth, PT MS OCS Tammy S Wadsworth, PT MS OCS
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