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Adult Bed Wetting



I am a 42 year old healthy male. I woke this morning to discover I had web my bed. My father was diagnosed with bladder cancer at about the same as I am now.  I have never web my bed before and my doctor is away until Jan 5, 2009. I am very concerned this is a symptom of a more serious problem. Should I see another doctor?


Bed wetting gets a person's attention especially if he is a healthy 42 year old man. However, blood in the urine is the most common initial symptom of bladder cancer. If you have only one episode of bed wetting I do not think this symptom merits an urgent visit to your urologist (probably the appropriate doctor to assess this complaint). I do suggest that you mention this to your regular doctor at a routine visit if it happens just this one time.
The average age at first diagnosis of bladder cancer is 68 years of age, so your father's bladder cancer was 25 plus years earlier than is typical. Bladder cancer is not hereditary.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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