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My son is stuttering



My son developed a stutter about 5 months ago. It can be quite difficult at times for him to get a complete sentence out. Before the stutter his speech was pretty impressive. At his 2 year old check-up the doc told me that he is speaking on a 4 year old level. He started stuttering 6 monthys after that. Here is my question. We went to Alabama last week and the entire time we were there, he did not stutter at all. We thought it somehow went away. No sooner, as soon as we got off the plane in Texas when we returned, his stuttering immediately came back. What is going on? Can he have some kind of strange allergy? Have you ever heard of this before?



Thank you very much for the question. Stuttering (dysfluency) is a common speech disorder that affects approximately 5% of US Children. It is likely an inherited disorder and usually begins between 2 and 4 years of age. I am unsure as to why your son's symptoms improved in Alabama and worsened in Texas, but I do know that stress or anxiety tend to worsen symptoms. I have attached a link on stuttering below. You should consider having your son evaluated by a Speech Pathologist. 

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