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Cold and Flu

Why Does a Cold Knock Me Down For Days



When I get a cold it just literally knocks me down. Sometimes they last for 10 days or more. I just can`t go on like other people do and bear criticism form my mate. I try and tell her that that`s how they affect me and I get no understanding. Is something wrong with me that I suffer so much from them? I get flu shots every year. I`m going on a week now that I can hardly leave my house. They affect me with heavy nightime coughing and dizzyness and fatigue. Any ideas would be helpful.


Upper respiratory infections can affect different individuals in different ways.  If you have any type of underlying lung disease such as smoking induced lung disease, you may be more susceptible to more frequent and more severe infections.  Also if you have any type of immunodeficiency you might be more prone to respiratory infections.

If you have not already done so, it would be very helpful to get a complete history and physical examination and be sure to review with your physician your history of severe respiratory infections.  Your physician will be able to determine whether further testing or laboratory studies might be indicated.

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