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Elastic band in men`s underwear



I have been suffering with a terrible form of dermatitis which breaks out all around my waist, my groin area, and my lower back. I`ve seen the dermatologist for this, and he originally told me I had a fungal infection. I applied Nizoral cream daily for about a month and the condition seemed to clear up. Now it is back just as bad as before. Upon seeing the dermatologist again, he now tells me that I am having an allergic reaction to the elastic in my underwear and NOT to wash them with bleach as this will make it worse. I do NOT use bleach, and the condition continues to plague me. The itching is so unbearable that I cannot sleep through the night. I have used cortisone cream, which helps for a brief time, as well as taking Benadryl tablets around the clock - still little to NO relief. Do they make any men`s underwear which does not contain elastic in the waistband? I am going crazy and do not know how to resolve this issue. Could this itching around my waist and lower back be a fungal infection? (The dermatologist says no?) Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


I am not aware of any specific brands that do not contain latex. The best thing to try is an internet search for Latex free clothing. It would sound like you are describing a contact dermatitis, which is due to contact with a product in the clothing. You could try to change brands or sew a barrier of cloth into the garnments to see if you can decrease the contact and settle down the reaction.

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