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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Random adrenaline rush



Hi there. I don`t have health insurance and I don`t know who else to ask. This is the weirdest thing ever, and I haven`t found anything about it, so I guess in a way that scared me. I will be relaxing, not thinking about anything in particular and all of a sudden I get a huge adrenaline rush for only a few seconds. I can feel it in my chest. There is no pain whatsoever, but I do get a little lightheaded afterward because of the excitement. When I get these, I almost scream because it`s such a huge rush. I am so confused! This has been going on for a long time, and I just recently started wondering about it. I don`t know if this has anything to do with stress or anxiety, but it sure sounds like it. Thank you SO MUCH for your time, I hope you can help me.


I'm afraid that I am unable to diagnose or solve your dilemma for you.  Unfortunately, the words "adrenaline rush" likely have different meanings for different people and I can't really discern what symptoms you are having.  However, I am going to suggest you try two things:

Check out the web links to some valuable, reputable websites about anxiety and see if the descriptions of some common anxiety disorders sound like what you are experiencing.

Second, look for low-cost, sliding scale or free mental health services in your community (there are some available in almost all US communities of any size) and get an appointment for an initial evaluation.  Sitting with a therapist or counselor for hour describing your concerns and answering questions can help determine if there are any serious anxiety or mental health issues going on.

Good Luck.

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