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Pulmonary Hypertension

PH and left ventricle problems



I am a 31 year old woman mother of two. After having my some last year I started getting very ill, I was having passing out episodes. Also shortness of breath and chest pain. I ended up in the ER many times. I had an echo done and they found some leaks in my heart and left ventricle/valves issues. The pulmunary artery pressure was 48mmHg. My heart was also enlarged. The cardilogist never told me I had mild PH or advised me anything else to do. almost a year later I still feel sick. I am having more chest pain and I can`t lift up mu son without getting dizzy. Should I be worried? I have tried doing my own research and it all scares me.


Thank you for your question. Your symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness are all very worrisome. This may be due to pulmonary hypertension or may be due to the other problems noted with the left side of your heart. Regardless, I would recommend that you pursue continued medical attention for these problems and obtain a second opinion if necessary.

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Douglas W Haden, MD Douglas W Haden, MD
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