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Vascular Surgery

Can this be a vascular problem?



My right foot has been severly swelled for over three weeks. At times it turns red and I have severe intermitent throbbing in the areas where my foot bends like at the top and toes area. My lower leg feels very tight all the way to my knee. I also have pain in my calf and hip/buttock area. The foot is the worst though. I sleep with it elevated and some swelling goes down but as soon as I get up and start my day,the swelling and pain return. Driving annoys it a lot also. I fell about 7 months ago and all my weight landed on my right knee. Could that old injury possibly be what`s causing this or is it a circulitory issue?? My doctor is sending me to a vascular doc next week but I need an opinion on this because I have already had testing done(echocardiogram) and have been to an ortho doc too.


Hello, I would suggest an ultrasound of your veins to rule out a blood clot and look at how the vein valves are functioning. Good luck!

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