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Blocked Tubes



I`m 29 and married 1.5 yrs back. We have been trying for kids for the past 8 months and have consulted a doctor. My HSG report said that my tubes are blocked. Catherization has been done which said that my tubes are beaded, the left is distal block and the right tube is beaded with no spill. I got TB 7 yrs back and used medicines for 1 yr. My doctor said that scaring causes the tubal block and suggested IVF.

We cannot afford the IVF is there any theraphy to cure this and have kids?


Blocked tubes are a common cause of infertility. As in your case, this is usually the result of a pelvic infection. Although pelvic infections related to tuberculosis (TB) are uncommon in the United States, they are the most common cause of pelvic infections world-wide. Unfortunately, tubes that are blocked because of infection are often damaged beyond repair. This is especially likely to be true when TB is involved. The only effective treatment for infertility caused by severe tubal damage is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Tubal surgery only works when there is minimal tubal damage, and even in these cases, the chances of subsequent pregnancy are often low.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
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