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Beginner Diabetes #1



I`ve recently been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and have just started on Glucophage about 3 day`s ago. I had my Fasting Blood Sugar checked and it came back 56. I called my Dr. and they said to just check it again in the morning. How dangerous is that?? What is a normal count (80-120)??? THANKS!!


People without diabetes may have fasting blood glucose levels in the 50's and 60's. A "normal" fasting blood glucose level is below 100. Deciding "how low is too low" for a fasting blood glucose level depends on many factors, including your diabetes control and your diabetes medications.  Glucophage does not typically cause low blood glucose levels, raising the question whether the result was accurate.  Furthermore, if you measure a low sugar and don't feel the symptoms of a low blood sugar, that raises the question whether your sugar was indeed low, or whether you truly had a low result that did not cause you to have such effects as nervousness, sweating, rapid heart beat or confusion.  Therefore it is not surprising your diabetes provider recommended re-checking your fasting level.

But if you are concerned, you need to talk with your diabetes care provider again or make an appointment to see her/him. It's very important that you participate in your treatment plan and goals for your care. Also be sure to meet with a diabetes educator, if you haven't already done so. The more knowledge and information you have about diabetes and diabetes care, the better.

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Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Diabetes Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati