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Slight pain during orgasm?



When I have an orgasm, I get this slight pain inside my woman area, not outside by the clitirous. I dont really know what to think, because over all Im pretty healthy. Its only been happening for the last month, but Im afraid and dont know if even a gyno will detect it, and Im afraid of getting mis-diagnosed. Does birth control have anything to do with it? Could I have an ovarian cyst? Please help me, Im frightened.


There are many possible causes for this. Most of them are temporary such as an ovarian cyst, or muscle spasm. You could have some scarring from conditions like endometriosis or as a result of a pelvic infection. Birth control pills or other hormonal methods typically improve pelvic pain. You really need to be seen to determine what all the possibilities could be and consider the need for any additional testing.

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