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Mouth Diseases

Throat and mouth pain



In 1997 I was diagnosed with contact ulcers of the vocal cords. I went to speech therapy and was put on a steroid spray. It resolved with the treatment and voice rest. 3 weeks ago, I developed laryingitis, and a bad cold, sore throat and bad oough. I was put on antibiotics and had a throat culture. Everything came back negative. I continued to strain my voice and I believe I have developed the contact ulcers again. Not wanting to be scoped again, I have tried the previous treatment. This included steroid spray, oral steroids, and voice rest, however, now I developed a red irritation and lump on my roof of my mouth. Could it be from sucking on halls lozenges 24/7? I have minimal throat pain, more pain from the lump on my roof when I touch it. I do have an appointment next week for a visit with the ENT if things don`t improve, but now I`m more concerned about the roof lump.


You should probably be evaluated by your dentist as well, just to make sure that this is not a tooth-related problem. It would be impossible to say what this is without seeing the color and the exact location of the bump, as well as feeling the consistency of the lesion. Even then, if this doesn't resolve in a few days and a dental abscess is not causing it, then a biopsy may be appropriate. The biopsied tissue should be sent to an oral pathologist for microscopic diagnosis.

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Carl M Allen, DDS, MSD Carl M Allen, DDS, MSD
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