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My 4 year old son is having white loose stool



My 4 year old son came from school three days ago very tired and weak. He vomited late in the evening and had fever late at night. He has been having loose bowel movement during these three days. Yesterday and today I noticed white/clay bowel movements. He still feels weak, tired and eating very little. Could it be food poisening or something else? Thank you for any feed back.


What you describe sounds like a bout of an intestinal virus. These can last anywhere from one day to a week. Things to look for which would be concerning: blood in the stool, mucous in the stool, decreased urination with dry mouth/no tears and/or symptoms not improving by day five. In general, avoid high fiber foods right now, make sure he is getting enough water and liquids. Foods with a high fat content tend to help (ice cream, french fries, etc).

Unless you have reason to suspect a poisoning, it is not likely.

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Sarah Sauntry, RN, MS, CPNP-PC
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing
College of Nursing
University of Cincinnati