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Am I pregnant?



I am 33 yrs old, have a sone - 4yrs, and have been ttc since last 1yr. As i wasn`t able to concieve naturally, i have been consulting a doctor - who put me on leterozol 2.5mg for 5 days from day 3 of my cycle (my lmp - 28th nov)...got my follicular monitoring done and observed that i ovulated on cycle day 13 with 18mm ovum and 10mm endometrial thickness on 10 dec, we had intercourse accordingly on that day and the next.... but now it is almost cd46 and no period and no hpt positive also. The doc has asked to continue taking duphaston bd since the day i ovulated till now and has asked to wait till jan 17th ( which is 38dpo / cd51)and then get an ultrasound done to confirm things....My questions are : a) could i be pregnant with a hpt negatives till cd46? b) if not pregnant what is the reason i did not get my regular period, since my cycle is otherwise very normal - 28/29 days always c) is taking duphaston o.k till so long...Please ..Please reply asap!!


Based on your monitoring, it does appear that you ovulated.  If a patient has not had a period 2 weeks following ovulation, a pregnancy test is usually performed particularly in patients who are taking supplemental progesterone.  If it is negative, we have our patients stop the supplemental progesterone.  Their period usually starts approximately 2-7 days later.  If you are still taking supplemental progesterone, this would explain why you have not had a period.

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
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