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Bladder Sling Surgery



I recently underwent this procedure and I still urinate whenever I sneeze or cough too hard. What I am even more concerned about, however, is that I can actually feel the solidified surgical mesh inside my vagina. It is as if it were pushed through after a coughing episode. At first I thought it was just undissolved sutures, but it is definitely surgical mesh that I am feeling. I have scheduled an appointed to return to my doctor within the next couple of days, but I am not comfortable seeing her. A few days after the surgery I noticed that my labia on one side were stitched together. As it turns out, she had left a `holding stitch` in place. In any event, is it possible to remove the surgical mesh if it has attached itself to the vaginal tissue?? I still have tenderness if I sit for too long, and it has been nearly two months since the surgery. Any advice/comments would be appreciated.


You should see your surgeon. There is a possibilty that the mesh has eroded through the vagina. If early enough it can be removed and or replaced. Continue your trust for, another surgeon may get confused.

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