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Irregular periods and trying to get pregnant



Hi, I`m 27 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for the last two years. I have been off the pill for two years and my periods have not been very regular. At one point they were every two weeks and then they went to every three weeks and have stayed that way for the last 6 months. rights now my period is 1 week and a half late. I took a test and it was negative. I don`t know what to do. Should I contact my doctor? What do you suggest we look into for an answer?


Releasing an egg that is ready for fertilization in the middle of the month (ovulation) is an important part of getting pregnant. Problems with ovulation are among the most common causes of infertility. Irregular menstrual periods often indicate that you are having a problem with ovulation. If you have been unable to get pregnant on your own after 2 years, you need to ask your gynecologist about a fertility evaluation. This will usually include a semen analysis, an X-ray test to make sure your tubes are open (a hysterosalpingogram) and evaluation of your ovulation. Either your gynecologist or a fertility specialist can usually find a treatment for any problems that are found.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University