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Breast Cancer

A symmetrical cells in the breast.



I am a 30 year old African American/Japanese mixed female who just had a mammogram done on Friday because my family doctor thought that he felt a lump in my left breast and there was discharge in the right. Well after the mammogram and untra sounds the nurse advised me that they couldnt find any lump in my left breast and that the discharge was normal. However, the mammogram and ultra sound showed a symetrical cells in my right breast. Could you please tell me what that means?


I am unfamiliar with mammograms being reported as "a symmetrical cells" and believe you don't have a full picture of the findings. Please ask your doctor or nurse to explain again the mammogram findings and to explain what the lump that was originally found might mean. Lumps that persist should be investigated with a needle aspiration or biopsy, even if the mammogram and ultrasound are normal. Discharge, depending on its appearance, can be a normal finding. You might want to see a breast surgeon for a second opinion if you still have worries/concerns.

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