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Ovarian Cancer



I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had surgery that included a complete hysterectomy. My appendix was also removed and a few lymph nodes as well as omentum. I have gone through chemo treatments using taxol and cisplatin. My pet scan showed no signs of disease. My CA125 came back at 16.6. But I noticed lump in my groin area. The pathologist saw clear cell tumors there. I also notice that my Eosinophil was 16.6 which is high. My basophil is l.6 which is high. What do these numbers mean? I am supposed to begin chemo again. Why was my cancer resistant to these treatments? Any suggestions?


I am sorry you are having this difficulty. Please discuss all of your concerns with your oncologist.

The Eosinophil and Basophil count are not concerning at all; there is a lot of normal variation in blood counts.

I am not sure why the cancer was resistant to taxol and cisplatin, but this can occur with many cancers. Sometimes other drugs are helpful when the first ones are not.

Good luck with your upcoming treatment.

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