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Oral Cancer

Little white bumps around taste buds



For the second time in one year I have gotten an ulcer on my pallette. Not surprising, I have braces and an appliance to correct a jaw disorder that sometimes tends to irritate my mouth. However, I had been treating this ulcer by continuously cleaning my mouth and using warm salt water. At times I just put salt dirctly on the ulcer, which hurt but eventually made the pain go away.

I did notice however, that I now have little white bumps around my taste buds. They actually look like little tiny taste buds, just white. There is NO pain. Can you please tell me what this is? Is this normal and I just never noticed it before? Or is it a sign of cancer or an STD?

Please advise, Thank you!


Sometimes, taste buds could be misinterpreted as lesions of the tongue. Any type of asymmetric, newly growing, or progressive lesions should be evaluated by an expert.

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Enver  Ozer, MD Enver Ozer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University