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Mouth Diseases

Sore mouth and tongue



I have an unrelenting pain on my tounge (both sides and tip) It looks and feels like my tounge is cracking open in places and it is very painful at times. It affects my eating. I wake up with a very dry mouth and often find blood when I blow my nose first thing in the morning. Six months ago I had a biopsy done on a large spot on my tounge and it was negative. I`m told it may be pre-cancer. Is there anything I can take to at least ease the discomfort? My ent guy didn`t offer any suggests and doesn`t seem to think its a big deal. It hurts though.


Your description would be consistent with burning mouth syndrome (burning tongue syndrome). This includes your sense from the ENT doctor that the problem is not too serious, as it is the lack of significant tissue alterations together with your symptoms that make the diagnosis likely.

You probably also have a fissured tongue, which is a common variation of the upper surface of the tongue. Despite the appearance, however, the cracks or fissures are not painful in most patients.

Additional information about this annoying condition, including approaches to reduce the symptoms, will be added to this reply. Good luck.

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John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD
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College of Dentistry
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