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Urinary Disorders

Aching Kidney?



Good day! I`m male and want to know what causes my front right stomach to always ache, but not so painful even sometimes the left side of my front stomach? I often urinate sometimes with burning sensation in my genital. I had UTI before and treat with antibiotics but it returned back again. My concern for myself is I`m thinking that it could lead to kidney failure and hope it won`t happen. How am I going to prevent this? Thank you so much.


Abdominal pain is a symptom of many ailments one of which is caused by the kidneys. Urinary tract infection is not common amongst men and if not diagnosed and treated properly may lead to more serious conditions. You need to check with your doctors and you may want to ask to see a Urologist as well.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
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