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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Small hard bump in lower salivary gland area



I recently had to do a 10 day antibiotic, Amoxicillin-clavulanate, treatment for a infected cat bite. 6 days into the antibiotics, I developed severe Oral Thrush. I was then treated with Nystatin Oral Suspension for 10 days. 3 days into the Nystatin I started to have excessive salvia, developed several fever blisters and then felt a small hard bump on the bottom of my gum area under tongue on the right side. No bleeding, no surface sore. 2 days later I developed enlarged lymph nodes in the groin area. I was then given a one day dose of Fluconazole. I do have genital herpes: so it was assumed a new break out (I have not had a reoccurrence in 16yrs). My concern is the bump that is still in the mouth area? 2 weeks now. I still have the Oral Thrush but it is now mild. Could it be a blocked salvia gland, infection from the Thrush, herpes virus?? I`m 40yr old female and never smoked and only hardly ever drink. I do have appointment with my General dentist tomorrow, I have been diligently about checks and cleanings. Last one was 7months ago, all was fine.


From the information that you have provided, it is most likely a blocked salivary gland. Your dentist may be able to confirm this.

This is not a significant problem and may resolve itself. It can also be treated surgically with local anesthesia. Either way there should be no significant effects from this problem.

If it does not resolve itself in two or three weeks, it would be good to have it removed.

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Response by:

D Stanley Sharples, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Primary Care Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University