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Is there an alternative to hysterectomy?



I have been receiving treatment for menorraghia which has worsened recently. have already had two mirena coils (both expelled themselves after two weeks), tranexamic acid, mefanamic acid and oral progesterone. None of these have solved my problems. Now an ultra-sound scan has shown a number of small intra-mural fibroids, but more importantly a fibroid has noe been found outside of the cervix. I have been told i need an urgent hysterectomy, but I would like to know if there are any less invasive treatment options for me.


If the fibroids are small, you could have a procedure where the lining of the uterus is heated and scarred so it can't grow and shed anymore. I don't know what to make of the fibroid outside the cervix. If it is prolapsing or hanging out of the cervix, then it needs to be removed. It doesn't always require a hysterectomy. It can be removed and then the other procedure can be performed.

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