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Digestive Disorders




Thanks so muchfor your wonderful site. My father is 62 years old and he has a condition which was diagnosed via ultrasound imaging as gallbladder cholesterolosis. Our question: does this condition require treatment or not? If it requires treatment, what kind of treatment does it need putting into consideration that he has no polyps? Lastly, thanks a lot.


Cholesterolosis is the condition where cholesterol "polyps" are within the lining of the gall bladder and is associated with an increase in gall stone disease. Their problem is being sure they are not adenomas of the gall bladder. In and of themselves cholesterol "polyps" are not going to lead to other conditions. U.S. is about 90% accurate in separating cholesteroloisis from adenomas. If there are not symptoms of gall bladder problems and the "cholesterol polyps" are less than 2 cm nothing further needs to be done.

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