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Smoking and Tobacco

Chest x-ray



I recently went to the dr because I was sick. Something showed up in my right lung, that has yet to be identified. I was tested for Valley Fever, I live in AZ and TB and nothing showed up, my bloodcell/t-cell count was also tested and nothing showed up. I was told it could be anything from a scar and ? The dr. wanted to wait for a month for another x-ray but I have asked for a ct scan to be more proactive. Is that out of line? What are the actual possibilities for an otherwise healthy 29 year old without a previous history of pneumonia?


Obviously because I haven't examined you or seen your x-ray, I can't comment on the wisdom of your doctor's advice. However, I will tell you that a CT scan of the chest delivers 30-100 times the radiation dose of a

I presume you are a nonsmoker. If I'm incorrect in my assumption and you are a smoker, quitting now is likely to be more important to your health than anything the doctor does.

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