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Urinary Disorders

Leaking Urine



Hello. I`m 18 years old, not overweight, and was born with spina bifida. I started being sexually active about a year ago, and am taking the pill. My question is regarding some urine leaking I`ve noticed since about 2 weeks ago that happens as I`m starting to have sex and while being directly stimulated. Sometimes I even pee almost completely. It`s not only about a few drops of urine. Now, I`m pretty concerned about that. Is this a common problem, and what kind of doctor should I see to have this checked?


Usually with spina bifida there is associated atonic bladder and hence full bladder can not be felt. There are components of over flow incontinence and trigger point stimulation causing urine leakage. I suggest you empty your bladder either by self catheterization or by squatting and double voiding prior to sexual activities. If not helpful then see a urologist who is interested in neurogenic bladder, preferably a pediatric urologist.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
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