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Skin Care and Diseases

Non-itchy rash



I had this problem since 4 years, every time my body gets warm either by exercise or by taking a hot shower I get small none itchy rashes all over my body. These rashes disappear when by body gets cold again without a trace or mark. 2 years ago I worked in Bahrain and it had a very hot and humid climate, I used to work outdoors and sweat the whole day but to my surprise I stopped getting the rashes. Now I live in cold Michigan and I started to have them again. I am suspecting that the level of salt in my body is causing them. Can you please help?


We do not have good evidence that the level of salt correlates with a rash that you are describing. This could be a case of urticaria. Sometimes urticaria is triggered by changes in temperature. If it is bothersome and symptom control is needed, a visit to the physician for some standard assessment/work ups would be good. 

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Elma D Baron, MD Elma D Baron, MD
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Director, Skin Study Center
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University