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High Blood Pressure

Question about blood pressure



Hello, I am very concerned as I am using a home monitoring kit to check my Bps, but honestly I need more info as I don`t understand the responses I`m getting and its scaring me so much. to be specific, i check my bp when I have attempt to exercise and wouldn`t feel well, like just very tired not out of breath no chest pain, just a weird tired like feel like I`m gonna pass out, and your taking about maybe 3 minutes at most of exersize..the measurements are taken every 15 seconds, 3 times to get a round off reading. the first one 72/52 the second one (15 seconds later) 144/127 the third 108/80. Also the monitor shows a shaky heart meaning it detected an irregular heartbeat the first two times, the third reading no. My question,...does normal people hearts ever have these kinds of bp`s? does it change this quickly immediately upon stopping other then right afterwards all my bps were normal range. so thats one question. is it normal to change that much in seconds? and second question, I am having a stress test and scared as I looked up on line about a heart condition lacking the protein cardiac calsequestrin (CASQ2) is irregular, and potentially fatal, only during exercise and not at other times. my question #2 will a stress test see the issue as the bps are only checked every 3 minutes or so and this was all with-in 1 minute on two different occassions. so im scared to take the stress test as how will they know if my bps arent taken closer together that there may be a problem? Worried in ny;)


It is difficult to make specific recommendations without having all the data available.  However, a few points can be made:

Blood pressure usually increases during and right after exercise.  If your blood pressure drops rather than go up, it may be a sign of an abnormality in the heart.  The drop in blood pressure could be due to an irregular heart rate.  You probably need a Holter monitor, a stress test and an echocardiogram.

Calsequestrin is an important protein in the heart that helps regulate calcium movements in the cells.  Calcium is crucial for the normal contraction of the heart.  Deficiency of calsequestrin is very rare, and it is unlikely to be present in you.

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