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Can Household Items Replace Dumbbells?



When we start exercising at home, is it true that we can use tin, cans (of fruits ,etc.),or water bottles of weight equivalent to dumbbells, when dumbbells are not available? I also want to know at what times can we do exercises, if morning timing are not possible (can we perform before sleep)?


When exercising at home, using household items for replacement of dumbbells is perfectly acceptable.  As long as resistance is being provided, the form of resistance doesn’t matter.  With that said, some items like dumbbells may be more convenient to use, but resistance can be in any form. 

Exercise can be performed at any time of the day.  Some people have personal preferences as to when they feel  best to work out, but it depends on what works for you.  Some people don’t like working out before bed (within 2 hours of sleep) as it increases your use of energy and energy levels, and people often feel restless or have difficulty falling asleep.

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