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Low insulin level



I have been suffering from an intractable migraine for almost six weeks. This is only migraine I have ever had. I have had an MRI which came back "within the limits." I have had sinuses checked out. I have been to hormone doctor and have been put on hormone therapy for being peri-menopausal. At my hormone doctor appt. they took blood for various tests. My insulin came back at 2. What could cause my insulin to be so low?


I would need to know the circumstances under which the test was done in order to be able to interpret the result.  Insulin values change in response to both meals, exercise, physiologic perturbations, disease and medication.  If the blood sugar was low at the time or you have had poor nutritional intake or you had been very physically active, that low an insulin level may be physiologically appropriate to the circumstance.  If, on the other hand, the blood sugar was high at the time then the insulin level may be inappropriately low for the circumstance.  If a doctor ordered that test for you, then it is that doctor's responsibility to interpret the result.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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