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Getting pregnant while taking provera



I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I had an ectopic pregnancy 9 months ago, and have not been regular since. I had an HSG, and my remaining tube is in excellent shape. I was put on provera to induce a period, started clomid on CD 3, and after having an ultrasound, found no response whatsoever. I was also taking Vitex (an herbal spplement) while on Clomid, and later found that it counteracts the clomid. Since my ultrasound and blood test was negative for ovulation, I was prescribed provera again. I stopped taking the Vitex the same day as my ultra sound. I know Clomid stays in the system for a little while. Three days after stopping the vitex, I had aching in my ovaries. I called the nurse and she said to go ahead and start taking the Provera. I took it for two days, and on the second day I tested positive on a home ovulation test (one day after having intercourse, so I could get pregnant). If I do conceive this cycle while taking the remainder of my Provera (called the nurse and she said to complete the prescription) will it harm my baby?


There is no evidence of Provera causing any sort of birth defect.

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Arthur T Ollendorff, MD Arthur T Ollendorff, MD
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College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati