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Parkinson's Disease

MRI results from brain scan confusing



BB)Hello, I have Bi-polar 1 Disorder and have been experienceing symptoms some are like parkinsons and other like huntington, and it`s getting worse. I do not take psych. med`s because of the reactions I have had. My recent MRI said I had mild prominent pervascular in the basal gangila. The Doc. told me to go back to a psych. Can you tell what the MRi ment and if it means mental stuff. I am confused and I don`t feel as though it is mental. It just started about five yrs. ago and is getting worse I just turn 28. You can Erase some of this if needed. Thank you for your time.


This forum is not intended for individual medical advise or diagnosis.

MRI findings of prominent perivascular spaces in the basal ganglia is normal. The diagnosis of parkinsonism, including Parkinson's disease, is made by the presence of an appropriate history and examination findings of the cardinal features (slowness/smallness of movement, rigidity with passive range of motion, tremor, and postural instability). 

I suggest you discuss you symptoms further with your doctors. If necessary, a referral to a neurologist may be considered to help further evaluate for signs of parkinsonism. 

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