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Athletic Training

Pectoral exercise



i have read that for pectoral excersise if we do higher rep in low weights rathter increased weights with low rep,it will weaken breast tissue and cause sagginess,is there any link between them? and only performing for pectoral muscles can cause rounded shoulder and back pain? moreover i feel uncomfortable in skipping or running sport just because of my breast free fall movement even with supportive bra?


Strength training should not have any negative effect on breast tissue elasticity, regardless of whether for strength (high weight, low rep) or endurance (low weight, high rep).

Performing only pectoral exercises without also adding pectoral flexibility (stretching) exercises could contribute to "rounding" the shoulders, as the pectoral muscles could become tight. Also, the addition of back and shoulder exercises should be considered for proper muscle balance.

I hope that provides you some guidance and good luck!

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Kristen  Bretz, MS, ATC Kristen Bretz, MS, ATC
Physician Extender at The Sports Medicine Lewis Center
College of Medicine
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