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Elevated WBC in 4 yr old



I have a 4 yr old, adopted, female, who has been running a fever of 102-104 for 4 days. She was taken to the Dr. who put her on Zithromax and had a chest x-ray and blood work done. Her WBC is 37. The office called to tell me to watch for any odd behaviors and to take her to ER right away if anything changed. Without Tylenol and Motrin, fever will not abate. I am concerned and confused. Last year she had pneumonia and her WBC bottomed out to 1-2. When she got better, WBC count went up. Whenever she has a slight cold or any other illness her fever will sky rocket. I am concerned about any illnesses that the Dr may not have checked for. I had her check for sickle cell due to complaints of body part aches last year. She is now complaining of chest and left shoulder pain and vomiting. I am wondering if there is anything that the Dr may be missing; am I over reactin? I am extremely concerned with the lack of concern on her condition.


I can understand your concern and frustration. If you don't believe your concerns are being addressed, perhaps it is time for a second opinion from another medical provider.  I would probably discuss your concerns with your daughter's primary care provider and if they are not addressed, I would seek that second opinion.

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Michael Spigarelli, MD, PhD
Formerly, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati