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Heavy periods with clotting/ laprascopy



I have experienced heaving periods with clotting for the past year now. By heavy imean that the tampon is saturated and i am changing at least 4 times a day and completly soaked in the mornings. the clots vary in size, but they are typically large at the begining of my cycle and then reduce as my flow goes on. I don`t have irregular timed period, they come like clock work. To make this more interesting, i have been trying to concieve and am wondering if they may tie in to my lack of success. my blood work has come back normal; however i do have one blocked tube. My OB/GYN has taken me off clomid and suggested to do laproscopy surgery. I am not sure if this deviation from my "plan" is the right choice. should i continue with ovulation inducers (3 cycles thus far) or stop and have the procedure? Many questions here--- I hope you can help!


Patients who have periods that are heavier than normal usually require some evaluation.  It is recommended that an ultrasound be performed to rule out the presence of uterine fibroids.  Uterine cavity evaluation should also be performed to rule out the presence of an intrauterine lesion (hysteroscopy [telescope in the uterus] or hysterosalpingogram [dye test to see if the uterine cavity is normal and whether the tubes are open]).  The hysteroscopy is usually performed in conjunction with a Laparoscopy.  I would probably not continue with further attempts until this problem is sorted out.

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