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Urinary Disorders

3+ Blood From Left Kidney



My daughter is 16 and weighs about 115. Relatively good Health other than 3+ blood from left kidney with no pain and no fever. She constantly has bouts of being anemic and fights fatigue.

She has had kidney biopsy, 2 mri, ultrasound, probe into bladder (which is where they determined blood from left kidney only), probe (including a bout with stints) to left kidney which did show some clots in upper pelvic kidney area, arterialgram of left kidney, and 4 to 5 cat scans to rule out tumors, stones. cists, and common kidney diseases. No source of the blood has been found. Doctors at are puzzled.

For approximately 3 years she has been diagnosed with reoccurring uti every 3 to 4 months by family practitioner. She never had classic discomfort of uti, just smelly and discolored urine. She also has been told that she is anemic during this same time frames. No culture was done...just blood work to show cell counts off. Now neurologist and urinologist seem to think they have not be uti`s all along but just this lose of blood from left kidney.

She has also been told that she has a slight heart murmur that radiates into neck and a heart valve that has a minor hiccup but in nothing serious and she should grow out of.

Any suggestions before heading to a diagnostic center????


As a urologist, I have to tell you that all has been done. The only reason for bleeding from the left kidney seem to me to be due to minimal arterio-venous malformation if renal biopsy was negative for so called focal Glomerulonephritis. I have no other explanation for her anemia but to say it probably is not due to life threatening illness. This situation should be followed carefully by he nephrologists and urologist as a team.

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