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Average Weight for 13-Year-Old



What should the average weight for 13 year old be? How do you loose weight? what`s the best way?


Without knowing the height, build, or if the 13-year-old is a boy or a girl, it would be difficult for me to give you any specifics. However, perhaps the following information will help you. A healthy weight for most of us up to age 20 is evaluated by using the CDC`s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Growth Charts (see reference below). We are compared only to ourselves in weight and height. If you are of average build, you might fall into the 50th percentile. If you have tall, large-build parents, you may be in the 75th percentile and if your family is smaller in size you may be in the 25th percentile. But, no matter what percentile you fall into, you should continue to follow that same one throughout your life. If your weight significantly jumps to a higher or lower percentile, you most likely are not in your proper weight range. Your doctor can evaluate your growth and let you know if you are at a healthy weight (Do not let advertising models and actors/actresses be your guide. They often influence us to set unrealistic and unhealthy weight goals for ourselves). If you do determine that you are overweight and would like to lose weight (in the form of body fat, not muscle), it is best to divide your food into well-balanced meals and snacks daily while limiting the "junk" foods (those high in fat and sugar). Skipping meals is not a good idea. Also, since a 13-year-old is still growing and needs the energy and nutrients supplied, calories should not be cut drastically. To help you reach your goal, a Registered Dietitian (RD) can help you fine-tune your current eating habits in a safe, effective way. To find a RD in your area, see the reference listed below. Oh, and one more thing…don`t forget to fit exercise into your day. Eating a healthy variety of foods (in moderation) and staying physically active is the best way to keep your body in great shape. Good luck!

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Jane   Korsberg, MS, RD, LD Jane Korsberg, MS, RD, LD
Senior Instructor of Nutrition
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University