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Are Weight Loss Dairy Products Safe?



Are dietary products such as SlimFast really safe? Do they really work in helping someone lose weight?


Liquid diet supplements such as SlimFast are used widely throughout the United States. Weight loss success is generally temporary and not related to the product but to the decreased consumption of calories recommeded by the products' plan. Weight loss maintenance, the real test of a products efficacy is rarely achieved. Successful weight loss programs do not rely on specific foods or products/supplements but include a variety of foods as outlined in the Food Guide Pyramid in combination with Behavior Modification and Exercise. Because our bodies cannot survive without food and require exercise for optimal performance, weight programs leading to long term weight loss maintenance teach individuals how to enjoy all foods, but in moderation. Finally, exercise is crucial. In a study which looked at weight loss maintenance success on three plans; low calorie diet, low calorie diet with exercise and exercise alone, individuals who participated in the exercise only group lost the least of all groups HOWEVER this group was the ONLY group to keep the weight off after two years. For more information on weight loss programs, call the Dietetics and Nutrition programs at UC at 556-4508. Good Luck

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Kathleen Rourke, PhD, RN, RD, CHES
Formerly, Associate Dean
College of Allied Health Sciences
University of Cincinnati