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Athletic Training

Popping in my elbow?



I was bench pressing awhile back and hurt my elbow, after a couple days of recovery I went back at it and i felt a popping in my elbow followed by a gnawing pain. Now whenever i put weight on my elbow doing exercises like the bench press or push ups there is the popping and the pain. What happened and how can i treat this?


Quite a few conditions can cause a "popping" sensation in the elbow while doing activities such as weight training and throwing. To get a proper treatment and rehabilitation plan, you should first consult with your personal physician to get a firm diagnosis of the problem. It would be unwise to continue with painful activites without fully knowing the extent of your problem.

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Robert W Sweeney, MS, ATC Robert W Sweeney, MS, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Clnical Instructor
The School of Allied Medical Proffesions
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University