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Dental Anesthesia

Numbness after injection in gum during sinus



I had sinus surgery march 5th 2009,and was given some novacaine of some sort in areas of my gums and lips to numb the area.now 7 days later i still am completley numb in my gum and teeth from the right tooth of my front 2 teeth and across the gum and next4 teeth and gum above them.My right nostril si numb and my top fright lip area feels fuzzy and thick and slightly numb.I saw the surgeon yesterday and he thinks a blood clot formed on that nerve when he injected me there and as im so swelled up in these areas he put me on prednisone.he never told me if this can be corrected or not.i am terrified that this will be permanent and i cant deal with this as i get alot of throbbing from my teeth and gums.any advice and insite would be wonderful


Post surgical numbness is a common finding after many surgical procedures. These will overwhelmingly resolve over a few weeks. In a small number of cases, there can be injury to the nerve that does not resolve, but this is much less common. If after two or three weeks, sensation has not returned, you should contact your surgeon.

Sensations such as tingling and prickling are a good sign and usually indicate nerve regeneration, like your leg "waking up" after sitting in one position for a long time. It may be that the sensations in your teeth and gums are related to this or normal post-surgical symptoms as the sinuses and the teeth are obviously closely related. Toothache is a symptom of sinus pressure, including post-surgical swelling.

At this point, more time and healing needs to take place but as I said, the vast majority of these findings will resolve with time.

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