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Parkinson's Disease

Do I have Parkinson`s?



I have an extra pyramidal tremor on my left side which is under control with medication. I have muscle cramps, pain and stiffness in my right leg. So much so that it is affecting my ability to walk when my leg stiffens up. I have minimal symptoms in my left leg.

My specialists tells me that if I had all the symptoms on my left side I would have Parkinson`s . He thinks I may have a regional pain disorder and perhaps Fibromyalgia? that is affecting my right leg. Do you think we are on the right track? Do you have to have the tremor and other sypmtoms on the same side to begin with?


Parkinson's disease (PD) is usually asymmetric causing one side of the body to be more affected by symptoms. Any symptoms solely from PD typically appear on the more affected side, but it is possible for the opposite side to experience more problems, especially if there is another concurrent disease process. In addition, there are numerous causes for leg pain/cramping and I suggest you discuss this issue further with your doctors.

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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
Assistant Professor of Neurology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University