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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Arnica Gel For Arthritis



Is this homeopathic gel worthwhile? Thank you.


I will assume that the full question is: "Is Arnica Gel for Arthritis worthwhile to treat osteoarthritis?" I do not know of scientific research that gives reasonable evidence that this product is effective at reducing pain related to osteoarthritis in living humans. I skimmed the Arnica website to review the active ingredients. I am not familiar with the main active ingredient or its potential risks and benefits.

As with any homeopathic product or dietary supplement, there may be intriguing successful anecdotes or exploratory research that falls short of reasonable evidence. Not to say that an active ingredient does not have a beneficial effect. However, the dose required to have such an effect, the appropriate delivery (pill, injection, cream, other), the safety profile of the effective dose, and the drug interactions are typically not known.

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