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Colorectal Diseases




i am of 28 f ,since my teenage i suffered from constipation of and on,there is no regular bowel movement,i tried several things but nothing helped,i dont used carbonated beverages,my intake of chocolates,tea,coffee,sweets,bakery items,icecream is very low,i used unrefined flour, i stopped fats for weight reduction for a couple of months but constipation increases and my doctor said that add some fats(butter)in diet as it is neccessary for intestine function.But still constipation is a problem not severe (no hard small stool)but not on daily and timely manner. i am taking fleawort or plantain husk with warm milk at bedtime


Your best bet is to get at least 30 grams of insoluble fiber in your diet every day, and drink plenty of water- aim for 64 ounces per day. Consider adding a gentle stool softener, like mineral oil, to your regimen as well. If this does not work, talk to your doctor about other medications that can help- from saline laxatives to osmotic preparations.

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Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD
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