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Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid Cysts With an Enlarged Thyroid



I have recently been diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid. After the ultrasound, they told me that I have small scattered cysts all over my thyroid. I now have to wait a week before I can see my doctor and have him direct me to an ENT, and I will probably have to wait and see what they will do. I was wondering what the next step might be? I have neck pain (not horrible, but irritating), and I have touble swallowing (again, not horrible, but irritating). I hate the waiting and would like to know what I might expect next! They say I need more testing done. Any info would be helpful.


It is really quite common to have cysts in the thyroid. Your ENT will likely examine your thyroid and your throat and check thyroid function with some simple blood tests. Your ultrasound will be reviewed. What happens next depends on the results.

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Yash J Patil, MD Yash J Patil, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati