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Ovarian cyst ruputred...what now?



I am 36, 5 months 2 weeks post partum(normal uncomplicated delivery), diabetic(highly under control with diet and exercise), with a history of c-section and incisional hernia with mesh(6 yrs ago). I had an ovarian cyst rupture on 3/17(diagnosed by er doc after a ct, blood work and urine tests). How soon should I see my ob/gyn and should I insist on cancer screening? I have lots of family history of cancer however, none of it is in the "lady parts". I have no idea what kind of cyst this was or how big it got before it ruptured.


You gave a good history, but didn't tell me what you are using for contraception. All women of reproductive age produce ovarian cysts every month as they attempt to ovulate. Each cyst ruptures and the egg is released. Sometimes the cyst gets very large or blood filled and creates significant pain when it ruptures. Believe it or not, this is normal and not a sign of ovarian cancer. There are no effective ovarian cancer screening methods to be utilized other than an ultrasound when a woman has abdominal symptoms. Hormonal contraception can reduce the incidence of ovarian cysts and sometimes women are placed on them to prevent their recurrence.

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