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Digestive Disorders

Intermittent Loose stools



Hello Doctor and Greetings. My Husband is 34-year-old Indian male. He is in good health with a recent problem of loose stools from last almost 2-3 months. The loose stools are intermittent, for few days they are fine, then again he will have loose stools in the morning, generally he goes once a day but sometimes he goes twice a day or even thrice. Otherwise he has no other problem like abdominal pain, weight loss, or appetite loss. He doesn’t drink or smoke and doesn’t eat too spicy food or non-vegetarian food. He is not taking any kind of medication. His paternal grandfather and paternal grand aunt died of stomach cancer. Can you give me an insight what could be his problem? Regards and thank you.


A change in bowel habits can be a multitude of problems, from something simple like lactose intolerance to virus to irritable bowel or inflammatory bowel disease. The only way to sort it out is to see your primary care doctor who will likely order stool studies, draw some blood tests and/or send you to a specialist.

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