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Low HCG levels



Hello, I`m a 39 year old female with infertility problems. I was giving myself infections and was advised to give the HCG shot on the 23 of February and to be intimate the 23 AND 24. On March 5th I had a positive pregnacy test- at this time blood was drawn and my HCG level was 6, on March 6th they drew again and I was 6. Again on the 9th and I was to 75. Again on the 11th and I was 189 and again on the 13th I was 187. I`m being told there is little to no hope, my numbers are way too low and the Dr. says he he`s not doing anymore HCG levels- on Monday the 23rd I`ll have an ultra sound. This waiting period is driving me crazy- I`m not sleeping and I`m on the verge of tears constantly. He told me to continue the pre-natal vitamins but stop the progesterone. Is there hope? How many weeks should I be? All the HCG numbers are confusing and the nurses just keep saying they are sorry. I recently had a miscariage at the end of Sept. and had the cramping and within a few loss the baby. I have no cramping, no bleeding or anything. I simply want to know if all hope is lost. What are they looking for in the ultra sound? Thank you and God Bless.


During early pregnancy, the BHCG should double every 2-3 days.  The fact that your testing "leveled off" is probably not a good sign. However, a repeat BHCG could confirm this prior to your ultrasound; if the levels were the same or lower, it would confirm your suspicions that there may be a problem with this pregnancy.  On the other hand, if your levels increase significantly, it indicates that there may still be hope and the ultrasound would then determine where you stood.  

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